Face Shield Sets

Face Shield Products

ClearVizor© set provides a complete solution to ensure reliable protection of user's face and eyes and greatly improves his comfort during work. Small and aesthetic package at the same time is the dispensing mag for removable protective foils. Contains one pair of frames and set of protective film sheets (quantity depends on the chosen set).

Face Shield Sets

We offer products ClearVizor© in many sets differ each other by the contents of the package. All ClearVizor© sets are delivered in aesthetic packages which you can use as replacement foil dispenser. CLV-0-100 is delivered as set of 4 packages (1 CLV-1-25 and 3 CLV-0-25). On order you should type the set code with the code of frames colour from the site Frames.

Face Shield Frames

ClearVizor© frames are made of very lightweight plastic. They weigh just 7,5g, which places them as the lightest on the market. Are plastic and resistant to breaking. Designed to provide comfort during the long time of continuous use (also with optical glasses).