Face Shield Frames

ClearVizor frames

ClearVizor© frames are made of very lightweight plastic. They weigh just 7,5g, which places them as the lightest on the market. Are plastic and resistant to breaking. Designed to provide comfort during the long time of continuous use (also with optical glasses).

Design, material and execution of ClearVizor© frames ensure their correct and stable position even in case of fast motion and tilt of head in any direction.

A large and constantly growing number of colour versions allows you to select the color of your company or for individual fit. ClearVizor© can be even a subtle complement to the color of clothes or makeup. The photos below shows only a few colour variations from our offer. ClearVizor© frames are available in opaque and transparent colours.

ClearVizor© opaque colours:

ClearVizor© transparent colours: