Face Shield Sets

ClearVizor Sets

We offer products ClearVizor© in many sets differ each other by the contents of the package:

ClearVizor face shield set
CLV-1-02-TT-XXX STARTER (Frames + 2 protective foils)
CLV-1-05--TT-XXX BASE (Frames + 5 protective foils)
CLV-1-10-TT-XXX LARGE (Frames + 10 protective foils)
CLV-0-01-TT 1 protective foil (no frames)
CLV-0-04-TT 4 protective foils (no frames)
CLV-0-10-TT 10 protective foils (no frames)
CLV-0-25-TT 25 protective foils (no frames)
CLV-0-100-TT 100 protective foils
(+1 CLV-1-02 STARTER free of charge)

All ClearVizor© sets are delivered in aesthetic packages which you can use as replacement foil dispenser.
CLV-0-100 is delivered as set of 5 packages (4x CLV-0-25 and free of charge 1x STARTER CLV-1-02).

On order you should type the set code replacing (TT) by code of shields type from the page Foils and (XXX) by code of frames colour from the page Frames.