Face Shield Products

ClearVizor face shield products

ClearVizor© set provides a complete solution to ensure reliable protection of user's face and eyes and greatly improves his comfort during work. Small and aesthetic package at the same time is the dispensing mag for removable protective foils. Contains one pair of frames and set of protective film sheets (quantity depends on the chosen set).

It's possible to buy ClearVizor© as set as well as separate products. We offer our products in retail and wholesale quantities.

We produce ClearVizor© frames in ten-odd colours including transparent. It's possible to reserve your own corporate colour.

ClearVizor© protective foils are both side protected by adhesive foils. It's an excellent protection against mechanical damage and dirt that may came into during the production, transport and storage. The stickers visible on one of the edge helps to remove adhesive foils quick and easy from ClearVizor© protective foils just before use.

ClearVizor© brand products